5-27-19 ~ “Dungeons and Dragons WILL Become Your Reality.”

5-27-19 ~ “Dungeons and Dragons WILL Become Your Reality.”

1 John 2:15-17 ~ “Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world. The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.”


I asked the Heavenly Father what was on His heart this morning (5-27-19). His answer:

Deployment of My Remnant. Dungeons and dragons WILL become your reality.”

Uh oh, I knew this was what I would call a “sci-fi” . . .”Out there” Word from the LORD, so I took some time this morning to prepare myself for what He wanted to say to me and to write. Here is what He wants YOU to know so you will be prepared for what WILL unfold:


“Dungeons and dragons WILL become your reality when the comet hits your planet.
The dwarf star you call Nibiru is a prison for the most evil, demonic hordes of Satan that have been placed there to protect humanity.
I call the comet bitter, because of the bitter hearts of the lost who would not accept My love, My protection, My redemption through My ONLY son, Yeshua.
I call the comet bitter, because of the bitter tears that will fall when this hits your planet.
I call the comet bitter, because of the dark reality that WILL unfold when the demonic hordes of Nibiru invade your reality.
I call the comet bitter, for the bitterness this causes Me to watch the destruction of My creation unfold under the reign of antichrist, Obama.

Woe to those who did not heed the call to repent and will be sucked into the vortex of evil.
Woe to those who mocked and scoffed at the warnings I sent through My messengers, watchmen, handmaidens and priests.
Woe to those who dare to defend their demonic doctrines that mock righteousness and humility, by believing once you say a rehearsed mantra, you’re ok.
Woe to those who did not listen to My Spirit calling you and directing you to move, for where you stay will become your nightmare, for you are OUT OF MY WILL NOW!!!

But BLESSED are those who have listened to My Heart, heeded My warnings and prepared for the days ahead as I instructed you.
Blessed will be your coming in and going out.
Blessed you will be in the sight of your enemies, for MY PRESENCE WILL BE UPON YOU, just like the fire was seen by Moses on the burning bush.
Blessed will be those who seek you out for the truth, for MANY WILL come into My Kingdom through you and GREAT will be your reward in Heaven for all eternity.

Oh My people, My people, I dread the day this must come to pass.
Remember I love you to the very end.
Don’t regret all you have gone through to prepare you for your calling, for I allowed many, many things to take place in your life to train you, refine you and then release you at the appointed time.
Prepare your hearts by abiding in Me.
Know My peace.
Know My presence and remember I AM in all of your ways for the enemy of your soul seeks to destroy you at every turn.
FEAR NOT THAT WHICH WILL COME UPON YOUR PLANET, for I see all, know all and WILL protect your soul to the end of time.
Seek not to save your life, but to lose it if called to do that; you’ll know Me in your darkest hour.

Prepare for persecution, My people.
Those things you trust in that are NOT of Me. . . . WILL BE DESTROYED.
Take heed when I call you, for the destroyer is at the door; you call it “Nibiru”, I call it Bitter (Wormwood), for the comet that is coming is a doorway to the demonic that will be unleashed.
Do you know Me?
Do you trust Me?
The testing of your faith will come in the fires of destruction, but in the midst of it all. ..


After I wrote the above Word from the LORD, I felt a bit confused why the destroyer (dwarf star) was referred to as Nibiru and the comet referred to as Bitter (Wormwood). I didn’t understand this because a dwarf star is not a comet and a comet is not a dwarf star, so I sought the Heavenly Father for understanding and this is what He said:


“These come together as one. Just like a flame will jump from a burning fire, so does the comet burst forth from the dwarf star.

Do you call a flame a different name than a part of a camp fire?  Nor do I call the comet different from the dwarf star, for it comes from the dwarf star like an elevator going down in a building; this is a portal elevator from Nibiru that I must allow to fulfil My Written Word.

This is going to be a very bitter time for the Heavenly Hosts, for I WILL hold them back from protecting humanity, except those who have been sealed by the blood of the Lamb.
Search the Written Word and I WILL teach you what has been hidden in plain sight.
Daniel knew, but I would not let him write.
Ask Me.
Let Me give you understanding so you will know the truth.
Stay away from the dark forces of light that WILL come upon this planet like the “gods of old”; this is the deluding influence I send for those who do not love or want the truth. Their destiny is sealed on that day and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help them.
Follow the leading of My Spirit and abide in Me.
Again I say, FEAR NOT those who seek to kill you, for your soul remains in my protection.
Martyrdom will be rampant when Obama takes full power on your planet.
Trust Me and not what you see, for I will reveal ALL TRUTH to those who are in Me.
Once you see New York go up in flames, know that you have but a little time before the full force of hell is unleashed through Obama.
Again, FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU TO THE VERY END and WILL come back in an hour that know one knows.
ALL BLESSINGS AND HONOR WILL BE GIVEN IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN; remember that, My people, remember that and praise ME through ALL storms.
I LOVE YOU and never, ever forget that.
I say again I LOVE YOU and will come to snatch up those who endured until the end, but the end is not yet.
First comes the unveiling of antichrist Obama on the global stage, when he is fully indwelled by his father, Satan.
Endure until the very end, for GREAT WILL BE YOUR REWARD.”





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