1-10-19 ~ “I AM Removing My Hand of Protection From the Earth, But I WILL Protect Those Who Are MINE!!!”

2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 ~ “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work, but only until the one who now restrains it is removed. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will destroy with the breath of his mouth, annihilating him by the manifestation of his coming.”


The Heavenly Father spoke the following phrase in my spirit multiple times this morning, with instructions I MUST write this up and post it today. As with every post I make, please take this to the LORD in prayer for confirmation.


“I AM removing My Hand of protection from the earth, but I WILL protect those who are MINE!!!”

As I was typing this up, the following is what the Heavenly Father also spoke in my spirit:

“When the 5G satellites are turned on, this is to cause an impact in the human genome to prepare for the mark of the beast.”

Do NOT be fooled, MY people, for the false prophets, pastors and teachers will tell you can take the technology to help you overcome sickness, BUT the reality is this: When humanity takes the mark that I have warned you about, you will have your DNA changed to be made into ‘the image of the beast'”, a hybrid.
Just like I created mankind to be in MY image, so too is Satan preparing to destroy humanity into being his army of human hybrids that he can control.

Don’t fret, My people, for when the darkest hours are upon you, MY Spirit will rise up within and upon you to enable you to withstand ALL that comes against you. The forces of darkness can NOT overcome MY light.
The testing of your flesh will occur, however, call out to Me and I WILL answer you, strengthen you and use YOU as a living testimony of My power.

Fall on your knees and repent, My people, for the darkness allowed in you, will crush the light out of you when I remove MY Hand of protection on the earth.

Don’t delay, for the time of Obama’s revealing as Antichrist is at hand.

Take ALL that you have and give it to Me, dedicating ALL to the Kingdom of Heaven. Watch over what I have entrusted you to take care of, for when the time arises, you will be instructed to do what you must do with it. The fires of hell are waiting for the greedy; those who seek to serve mammon in the hours of darkness to gain earthly wealth. I tell you the truth; these will succumb to the darkness, for the darkness within mammon will blind the eyes of your soul.

Forever and ever will be JOY for those who overcome with My help. Forever and ever will be pain and torment for those who chose the things of this world, over that which My Spirit has been prompting you to do.

Test the spirits, for the seducing spirits are ramping up to help bring the deluding influence to each and every person who does not want MY light, MY way, MY freedom, MY people to submit to MY leading. If not, you WILL be led by these seducing spirits who entice your flesh in every area that can be enticed.

Freedom comes with a price and that is this: Die to self daily. Pick up your cross and follow ME.”



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